We have developed a robust 9-step process (9P) to ensure we capture all of your marketing needs.

Where you want to improve visibility, increase engagement, or develop leads, our extensive process has everything covered as follows:

  1. Plan – Plan the compliant social media campaign, target audience and major endpoints
  2. Perceive – Build the brand and community, so they get to know the company
  3. Parallel – Use posts that will build empathy, so people will like the company
  4. Proof – Nurture the community with research and testimonials to build trust
  5. Propose – Try before you buy, offer a taster of the brand or product (case studies)
  6. Purchase – Buy after you try, customers buy into the company or the product
  7. Perform –Provide excellent customer care service
  8. Promote – Refer stories of successes to continue building the community
  9. Polish – Review the previous steps to refine, and repeat

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